Friday, December 31, 2010

Gunahon ka Devta - My viewpoint - "A sincere prayer "

A big thank to Deepika and Trivikram for sharing this treasure of emotions by Dharamveer Bharti..

Gunaho ka Devta

Going through one of the bestsellers of Hindi Literature, I felt fortunate, shattered and numb at the same time. I was living the period of 50’s of independent India yet there are number of other reasons for feeling lucky. I love reading past though I know many people take it as complete waste of time, even though I am one of those small section of people who believe in sticking to the old days by reading, watching, listening and yes talking about past. So this is how I started reading Gunaho ka Devta by dharamveer Bharti. I was smiling when I read initial pages of the book and the names of the character: Kapoor aka Chandar, Dr. Shukla, Sudha, Ravindra Bisariya. We hardly hear such names now days and when we are living in Metros. I inclined to read it further and couldn’t stop for another five days. It worked as an addiction whenever in office or after office I used to get time I used fall in to those 248 pages book.

One of the best things somebody can absorb (I am using absorb because this is how one who want can actually take things by just reading) from this novel is “fursat” - Leisure which used to be around even 20 years back from now. Seating and looking at sky in the evening, feeling the freshness and emptiness after rain, lonely summer allover around and sitting quite in the company of those who know you well, listen & understand your silence. We hardly get time to sit with our dear ones sitting silently is something unbelievable in our running lives.

Moreover the dilemma which we often feel in our every relationship the story of Chander, Sudha and a character like Binti is such a milestone to achieve. Without taking much time I will directly come to the point. This Novel is about Sudha and her mentor, friend, companion, soul mate and her lord Chandar. Sudha met Chander when she was in her teen’s .Wild cat - without mom Sudha had no sense of emotions except anxieties which made her fall into loud cries.  Chander an ideal student of Dr. Shukla (Father of Sudha) always calmed her by scolding her with a protection of being around gradually made Sudha a dependent on Chander. This bond strengthens automatically with chander’s declaration of authority over-powered Sudha and Sudha confidently was covered around chander’s soul as an aura of a belief. A belief which was beyond - love, respect and any apprehension of physical intimacy but conviction and worship. Which states well the worshiping - a God and conviction by the god for his disciple.

While reading this novel I felt numerous jolts: How somebody who is supreme and a god of idealism can fall into traps of dilemmas of life and his devotee who is as soft as a petal is strong and can follow a command of his god like a endeavor of discipline, accompanying suffering and pain. When a witness of such bond who underwent the same pain of the god and his devotees incline to enter and wish to stand beside this relation such as Binti.  Turmoil of life which can split your heart in pieces many times.

Mr. Bharti himself said: "…While writing this novel I experienced same type of feelings, which one does, when one is praying with full faith in the time of deep distress.... It appears as if same very prayer has been ingrained in my heart and I am repeating it...."

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